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Book Review: Indeficienter - The Story of Fiume to 1918 by Tonnes Ore PDF Print

Indeficienter - The Story of Fiume to 1918

by Tonnes Ore


thermal binding

published by the Yugoslavia Study Group

Price (including postage and packing):  Ł15 before 1st January 2011, Ł16 thereafter.

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The book is Number 8 in the Yugoslavia Study Group's series of monographs, one being published annually and are free to members.

The title Indeficienter is a Latin word meaning Inexhaustible (or Never Empty) and is the motto of the city of Fiume (Rijeka in Croatian) both of which words mean River or Stream. The author is a well known postal historian and in his introduction he states, supported by your reviewer, that there is no better title for a study of Fiume's postal history. The area really seems to be inexhaustible because every time something is published about Fiume, a stream of comments, corrections and additions is the result. The challenge to the stamina of collectors and postal historians is that there are always new surprises and more truths to be discovered But not only postal history engages the author's attention - he gives also a detailed historical background, details of some of the more famous inhabitants and some information about local industries In the last four years, two books, both by John Gilbert, about Fiume have been published. The first is entitled The Postmarks of Fiume 1809-1945 while the second is entitled The Postmarks of the Province of Fiume 1924-1943, including precursors. So Tonnes Ore's book neatly fills a hole in our knowledge of Fiume postal history Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Geoff Barling

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