Postal Auction 42 Print

Closing Date: 31st January 2015

 Please download the catalogue of auction lots as a PDF document from here.

Please use this auction bid form to make your bids.

A message from our auctioneer:

"I announced two years ago that due to increasing work pressures, I would be giving up running the auction. Regrettably, since this announcement, no-one has stepped forward to take on this task. I will therefore continue to run auctions (unless a new volunteer is found) until such time as the current supply of items for sale has been exhausted, but the timing of the auctions will not fit any prescribed timetable. Accordingly, can members please NOT send me any more material. I will enter what I have received to date but until such time as a replacement auctioneer comes forward, any new material will be returned to the submitter. A lot of good material on offer this time, much of it more than reasonably priced! As always, I can provide scans of any lots but would be grateful if requests for pictures were kept to manageable proportions." 



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