Here we include a small selection of links to useful resources and relevant societies and organisations. Inclusion of a link should not be interpreted as an endorsement but we hope that these will be useful for our members and others interested in philately of former Yugoslavian territories.

ArGe-YU is one of Germany’s largest and most strongly growing philatelic organizations. It was founded in 1975 in the Rhineland and in 2015 celebrated its 40th anniversary.


Awards and Honours (YSG members)

Congratulations to our members for the following awards:

Hans Smith

  • Large Vermeil at Prague (Praga 2008) (Austrian Military Mail 1500-1914)
  • Gold at Vienna (WIPA 2008) (The Austrian Lloyd’s Postal Agencies).

Henk Buitenkamp

  • Gold at Portugal 2010 (Postal Rates and Frankings of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1918-21)
  • Gold at Chur 2011 (Field Postcards of Serbia 1873-1918)

Atsushi Hitumi

  • Vermeil at Philanippon 2011 (Slovenia in Postal History 1812-1928)

Milan Radovanovic

  • Vermeil at Italia 2009 (Serbia in Exile 1916-18)
  • Gold at Rossica 2014 (for his book Silent Witnesses � Serbia and the Allies in World War 1)

And finally …

Jugopošta itself was awarded:

  • Silver at Croydon 2007
  • Large Silver at the 2013 New Zealand National Philatelic Literature Exhibition

We apologise if we have missed any individual or award. We invite members to advise the YSG of any awards received whether at local, county, regional, national or international level because awards are a credit both to the person and to the YSG itself.


Our available range of literature includes award-winning items and make perfect presents for the discerning philatelist!

Publication UK Europe Elsewhere
Regular Jugopošta Numbers 1 through 70 — Available as photocopies only Please enquire Please enquire Please enquire
Regular Jugopošta Numbers 71 onwards — Printed £5 £7 (or 10 Euros) £8 (or 10 US Dollars)
Regular Jugopošta Numbers 71 onwards — On CD £4 £6 (or 10 Euros) £7 (or 9 US Dollars)
The Postal History of Sremska Mitrovic (Last few copies) — Printed only £10 £15 (or 20 Euros) £17 (or 30 US Dollars)
Dalmatia [by Martin Brumby] Sold out. Sold out Sold out Sold out


  • Montenegro Postal History (JP57A) Sold out. Replaced by 2nd edition (JP108)
  • Catalogue of the Perfins of Yugoslavia (JP75)
  • The Postal Rates of the Yugoslav Territories [2nd Edition] (JP70A) CD only
  • Banat and Backa (JP77)
  • Srem Postal History To Late 1944 (JP81) Download sample pages
  • The Postal Rates of The Independent State of Croatia 1941-1945 (JP85)
  • The Postal Rates of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1878-1918(JP90)
  • Indeficienter (The Story of Fiume to 1918) (JP94) CD only
  • Croatia/SHS: Independence Issue of 29 October 1918 (JP98)
  • The History and Feldpost of the Croat Legions in the German Army in WWII (JP103)
  • Montenegro Postal History [2nd Edition] (JP108)
  • A Short Guide to the Slovenian Regular Stamps of 1919 and 1920 (JP119)
  • The Postal History of the Serbian Nation in Exile 1915-1919(JP124)
Printed: £16

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Monograph 7 fron coverOur quarterly A4-sized Journal, Jugopošta, is published in March, June, September and December. Each issue is produced on paper covering a variety of subjects and is distributed free to members. However, in some years where suitable material is available, we will produce a single-subject monograph to replace one of those issues. In that event, the monograph will be published on CD (at no extra cost to members) on paper (at an extra cost).

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Jugopošta was awarded Silver at the Croydon 2007 national exhibition.

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