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Regular Jugopošta Numbers 1 through 70 — Available as photocopies only Please enquire Please enquire Please enquire
Regular Jugopošta Numbers 71 onwards — Printed £5 £7 (or 10 Euros) £8 (or 10 US Dollars)
Regular Jugopošta Numbers 71 onwards — On CD £4 £6 (or 10 Euros) £7 (or 9 US Dollars)
The Postal History of Sremska Mitrovic (Last few copies) — Printed only £10 £15 (or 20 Euros) £17 (or 30 US Dollars)
Dalmatia [by Martin Brumby] Sold out. Sold out Sold out Sold out


  • Montenegro Postal History (JP57A) Sold out. Replaced by 2nd edition (JP108)
  • Catalogue of the Perfins of Yugoslavia (JP75)
  • The Postal Rates of the Yugoslav Territories [2nd Edition] (JP70A) CD only
  • Banat and Backa (JP77)
  • Srem Postal History To Late 1944 (JP81) Download sample pages
  • The Postal Rates of The Independent State of Croatia 1941-1945 (JP85)
  • The Postal Rates of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1878-1918(JP90)
  • Indeficienter (The Story of Fiume to 1918) (JP94) CD only
  • Croatia/SHS: Independence Issue of 29 October 1918 (JP98)
  • The History and Feldpost of the Croat Legions in the German Army in WWII (JP103)
  • Montenegro Postal History [2nd Edition] (JP108)
  • A Short Guide to the Slovenian Regular Stamps of 1919 and 1920 (JP119)
  • The Postal History of the Serbian Nation in Exile 1915-1919(JP124)
Printed: £16

CD: £7

Printed: £17 (or 20 Euros)

CD: £8 (or 10 Euros)

Printed: £18 (or 25 US Dollars)

CD: £10 (or 13 US Dollars)

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