Awards and Honours (YSG members)

Congratulations to our members for the following awards:

Hans Smith

  • Large Vermeil at Prague (Praga 2008) (Austrian Military Mail 1500-1914)
  • Gold at Vienna (WIPA 2008) (The Austrian Lloyd’s Postal Agencies).

Henk Buitenkamp

  • Gold at Portugal 2010 (Postal Rates and Frankings of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina 1918-21)
  • Gold at Chur 2011 (Field Postcards of Serbia 1873-1918)

Atsushi Hitumi

  • Vermeil at Philanippon 2011 (Slovenia in Postal History 1812-1928)

Milan Radovanovic

  • Vermeil at Italia 2009 (Serbia in Exile 1916-18)
  • Gold at Rossica 2014 (for his book Silent Witnesses � Serbia and the Allies in World War 1)

And finally …

Jugopošta itself was awarded:

  • Silver at Croydon 2007
  • Large Silver at the 2013 New Zealand National Philatelic Literature Exhibition

We apologise if we have missed any individual or award. We invite members to advise the YSG of any awards received whether at local, county, regional, national or international level because awards are a credit both to the person and to the YSG itself.