Jugopošta index: up to number 131

Contributed by our Librarian, Derek Brinkley (October 2019)

Jugopošta contains huge amounts of information on a very complex subject. The purpose of this list, which is a cross between an index in alphabetical order, and a list of contents, is to enable members to access articles they need, either from their own holdings of Jugopošta or from the group’s library. Accordingly, items are usually listed under the headings found in the catalogues with which collectors will be familiar, and attention has been given to chronological order. Inevitably some items fit in two or more categories, and are sometimes listed twice.

What is presented is essentially a complete list of the contents of Jugopošta from Issue Number 1 of September 1984 to Issue Number 131 of October 2019. New issue notes are omitted as these are now listed in the catalogues. Editorial items, society news and a few items of transient interest have not been listed. Occasionally the original title gives little clue as to the contents. In these cases I have added a title. Italicised text in the listing is an explanatory addition to the original title.

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